Robot Integration Grand Rapids,MI

3D Simulations

3D Simulations Robot Integration Grand Rapids

Our robotics engineering team uses highly specialized software to design 3D models of industrial robots.

Not only does this help you get a better idea of how your new robot technology will look, but it helps us test the design to ensure it meets your specifications.

Modify Robot Design

Each robot design we create is strenuously tested in virtual environments meant to simulate the conditions inside your facility. That way, we're able to modify the robot design while still in the planning phase, saving you money. For example, we will test the programming code of a robotic arm to determine if it will successfully integrate with your existing industrial automation.

Test Robot Technology

The virtual environment includes objects inside your facility so we can program how robots navigate these obstacles. One of the greatest benefits of using 3D simulations before building is that we're able to test the robots in different scenarios. While not all scenarios can be anticipated, we'll make sure that the industrial robots meet your specifications.

Once we're done testing via 3D simulations, we'll install the programming code in the physical model of the robot. Any robot part can be tested through 3D simulations.

We provide robot design so business owners can make informed decisions before investing in new automation technology. To request your quote for robotic automation, call First Choice Robotics at (616) 345-0887.