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Controls & Control Wiring

Controls & Control Wiring Robot Integration Grand Rapids

The control wiring in your robotic automation systems send commands and other information between control devices. If you suspect an issue with your controls or control wiring, call us as soon as possible. Our robotics engineering team will be able to troubleshoot the issue in order to find the cause of the problem.

We'll never understand why some companies think it's wise to neglect maintenance and repairs after investing thousands of dollars in robotic automation.

Benefits Of Control Wiring

The best way to avoid losses in productivity or complete shut-downs is to make sure your industrial robots get the maintenance they need. Otherwise, you run the risk of having robot parts malfunction or stop working entirely.

Your robot control system oversees movement, motor driving, sensing, and other actions that require complicated algorithms. Fortunately, our team has plenty of experience fixing issues with the robot control system so you can reduce loss from shut-downs. We offer robot repair and other services for your FANUC, ABB, and Motoman robots.

First Choice Robotics provides maintenance and robot repair as part of their mission to support business owners just like you. To request your quote for control and control wiring, call (616) 345-0887.