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How Industrial Painting Robots Improve Productivity

How Industrial Painting Robots Improve Productivity Grand Rapids

It's a misconception that industrial painting robots completely replace humans. Instead, more and more Americans are learning how to work alongside these helpful robots. Painting robots take over repetitive or hazardous tasks so humans can focus on those that require more skill. Your robotic automation systems will also need human supervision, as well as maintenance and repairs. Continue reading to learn how painting robots could greatly improve your factory's productivity.

Take Over Repetitive Tasks

Robot technology isn't sophisticated enough to completely take over human jobs, especially those that are complex or require a light touch. However, having your employees work alongside industrial painting robots should greatly improve productivity.

To paint pieces of equipment, human workers would have to crouch and bend to spray an even coat of paint. A robotic arm, on the other hand, has a slim design that allows it to fit in tight spaces. A robotic arm can also precisely spray paint to significantly reduce drips and other imperfections.

Make Human Jobs Easier

Industrial painting robots can significantly improve the productivity of your team by making their jobs easier. For example, humans who had to manhandle large pieces of equipment in order to paint them can now leave the heavy work to robots. Instead, you may retrain these same employees to supervise industrial robots.

To many companies, their employees are their greatest assets. One of the best ways to invest in your company is to invest in your employees. Before adopting robotic automation, you'll want to make sure your employees understand their new roles in your facility. For example, a person who was originally spraying car doors with paint can be retrained to become a robot technician. Employees are more likely to stay with your company when they see there are opportunities for career growth.

Reduce Mistakes and Waste

The less you waste, the more productive your facility will be. Our robotics engineering team will be able to design and build the perfect automation system for your facility. While human workers can become incredibly skilled at their jobs, they're not perfect. This is where industrial robots can help.

An industrial painting robot will be able to apply just the right amount of paint to equipment under the supervision of a human worker. When you reduce the amount of wasted paint, you'll be able to cut expenses and improve productivity. Painting robots are able to recognize the edges of equipment and parts so they can spray paint efficiently.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Depending on the size of your operation, an injured worker can reduce your facility's productivity. Fortunately, our industrial painting robots are designed to take over tasks that could be harmful to human health.

In the past, workers who painted equipment were exposed to carcinogens, iso-cyanides, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Painting robots are designed to work under these same circumstances so humans can work in safer environments.

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