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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Robot Integration Grand Rapids

Industrial robots only save you money when they work. Fortunately, our service tech will be able to make sure your robots get the care they need to maintain consistently high levels of productivity and precision.

We'll never understand why some companies think it's wise to neglect preventative maintenance after investing thousands of dollars in robotic automation. The best way to avoid losses in productivity or complete shut-downs is to make sure your industrial robots get the maintenance they need. Otherwise, you run the risk of having robot parts malfunction or stop working entirely.

Preventative Maintenance is critical to the life of your robot:

  • Proper calibration & testing to help avoid future downtime and keep equipment at optimal levels running.
  • Increases the overall life of your robot
  • Reduces Breakdown Costs
  • Higher accuracy and quality of parts produced
  • Helps Identify potential failures before they lead to unexpected downtime

With proper maintenance, there's no reason why your robotic automation systems can't last for years. We've even heard of some companies being able to use the same industrial robots for decades. Our service tech will be more than happy to set up a preventative maintenance schedule so you can extend the life of robotic automation. Consult with the manual for your specific robot to determine the best maintenance schedule.

Maintenance for your robot may include:

  • Observing robot in regular motion
  • Checking robot repeatability
  • Listening for excessive noise and vibration
  • Backing up the controller memory
  • Replacing batteries in controller and robotic arm
  • Inspecting brake operation
  • Greasing joints
  • Tightening external bolts
  • Cleaning vents and filters
  • Testing function of industrial equipment

While planned maintenance may cause a temporary loss in productivity, a malfunction would cost significantly more. To schedule maintenance or robot repair, call First Choice Robotics at (616) 345-0887.