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3 Signs You Need Industrial Painting Robots

3 Signs You Need Industrial Painting Robots Grand Rapids

There are many reasons why companies just like yours use industrial painting robots. Whether you are concerned about meeting productivity goals or keeping your employees safe, you can count on our expertise.

Our robotics engineering team will be able to create the perfect industrial painting robots for your application.

Painting robots have been used for many industries, including automobile manufacturing.

Continue reading to learn the 3 signs you need industrial painting robots. For more information, reach out to one of our robotic automation experts today. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Your Product Line Doesn't Change

If you've been painting the same parts and equipment for several years, you may want to seriously consider robotic automation. We're able to design and build industrial robots that store programs for painting specific parts. These programs can then be recalled months or even years from the last time they were used.

If your product line doesn't change all that much, contact our robotic automation team to learn how industrial painting robots can improve your facility's productivity. If you frequently paint one-of-a-kind parts and equipment, ask if our other robot technology can help. During the planning phase, we'll do a walking tour of your facility to determine how industrial painting robots can improve efficiency and productivity.

Parts Aren't Too Big or Small

Are the parts and equipment in your facility currently being painted by humans? If so, you should be able to transfer these tasks to industrial painting robots.

If a human can reach around a piece of equipment to spray paint an even coat, it's a safe bet to assume a robot can do the same. In fact, industrial robots are able to precisely spray paint without drips or other imperfections. The slender robotic arm has a far reach, which means you'll be able to paint more surface area without needing to add track systems and extensions.

You Can't Compete with Low Prices

Are other companies able to offer much lower prices than what you can afford? It's time to adapt with the times and invest in robot technology. Industrial painting robots eliminate waste by precisely applying paint without drips or overspray. The less paint you waste, the more money you'll be able to save in the long run.

Painting robots also help save money by improving the productivity of your human workers. Robotic automation helps streamline your facility by moving humans from repetitive or hazardous tasks to those that require more skill.

Once you improve productivity, you'll be able to offer lower prices for quality goods. A main advantage of using industrial painting robots is that they produce repeatable flawless results that can't be matched by human workers. When paint jobs are consistently flawless, you'll be able to demand better prices and beat out the competition.

Industrial painting robots from First Choice Robotics are designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and worker safety. To schedule your quote for robotic automation in Grand Rapids, call (616) 345-0887.